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Sue's Salves
Crafted with the intent to heal

Plant-Based Healing Skin Care

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How Sue’s Salves Are Made

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Quality Ingredients

Sue’s Salves is distinctive in that it is crafted with freshly harvested, 100% organically grown healing plants, grown on site in Central Pennsylvania and crafted into salves within moments of the harvest. No other salve is fresher or more potent. Sue’s Salves are crafted with the intent to heal.


Salves Help to Heal:

dry and cracked skin
poison ivy
chapped lips

boo boos
diaper rash
itchy skin
cold sores

black & blues
cracked feet
chronic skin ailments
insect bites


Sue’s Salves are crafted with the intent to heal.

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Sue J Morris

Sue J Morris combines her passion for organic gardening, medical herbalism, astrology, aromatherapy and natural healing when crafting Sue’s Salves. A modern day alchemist, Sue creates plant-based skin care products with medicinal herbs grown organically in her medicine garden, paying special attention to the celestial influences at both planting and harvesting time. People describe Sue’s Salves as magical!


Sue’s Salves offer the ultimate healing experience.

Users of Sue’s Salves have described them as miraculous! Within moments of using Sue’s Salves healing can be felt, and noticeable changes take place, beginning with a soothing feeling, followed by the rejuvenation of damaged skin. Cracked skin begins to soften and heal, rashes stop itching, and the redness of bruises and black and blues lightens as the salve penetrates skin tissue. Chronic skin ailments find relief. Poison ivy stops itching and clears up, and damaged skin repairs itself. Eczema is calmed and rashes retreat. Bruising and muscle stiffness begin to show noticeable improvement within hours!

No preservatives or toxic chemicals are used in Sue’s Salves.

Plants such as comfrey, calendula, lavender and aloe vera are safe and effective to use for healing the skin. We are fully committed to the prevention of disease and the practice of Safe Cosmetics. We craft healing products with the intent to heal and this enables healing to take place safely and without the risk of causing harm. Sue’s Salves are crafted with the intent to heal. The truth of that can be determined by using the salves and getting relief. Find out for yourself how Sue’s Salves can provide a completely natural, chemical free, powerful means to heal your skin in a way no other skin care product can.

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Sue plants by the moon…

All of the plants used in Sue’s Salves are grown biodynamically and harvested according to the system of The Planetary Hours. This medieval system associates plants and their planetary rulerships. The timing of the harvest is chosen specifically to harvest plants for healing at their peak of potency. Intention thereby becomes the main ingredient in Sue’s Salves.This enables a magical means for healing to take place!

In 2005 Sue’s Salves won 1st place in the Ben Franklin Technology Partners “Big Idea” Business Plan contest. They applauded her creative vision and awareness of the growing need for safe, healing skin care products in the beauty care industry.

Sue's Salves are made with organically grown healing plants harvested at their peak of potency. Learn about the plants used in Sue's Salves and how to craft herbal salve, the natural remedy for chronic skin ailments, burns, bruises, wounds and rashes.

Sue J Morris

Astrologer & Herbalist

Sue understands the relationship between personal health and the curative power of medicinal plants.

Sue’s Salves is committed to growing medicinal herbs using organic gardening practices. Sue has reverence for the power of plants to heal and enable us to live free of disease. Committed to the environment, eliminating toxic chemicals in beauty care products and the earth, Sue endeavors to offer the highest quality healing skin care and aromatherapy products which are safe, effective and wonderful to use.

Sue J Morris

Sue J Morris

Sue understands the relationship between personal health and the curative power of medicinal plants. She is an educator and is a featured public speaker on such topics as Plant-Based Healing for the Skin and the need for Safe Cosmetics, Planting by the Moon, The History of Medical Herbalism, Aromatherapy, and Astrological Aromatherapy. Contact Sue to book her as a speaker for your garden club, Master Gardener program, Herb and Garden Festival, etc.

Sue has earned her degree in Medical Dietetics, Nutrition from Penn State University. She has studied Medical Herbalism and Spiritual Evolution with David Crow. Sue has been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years.

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