Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman

Therapeutic Thymes Magazine

Sue is an exceptional woman. She introduced to comfrey! She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy in many healing attributes. I love her Canna Help Tincture, knowing I will not only be pain-free and relaxed but also that is safe to use. I've attended an herbal retreat of hers and learned so much. Sue has also done an astrological reading for me that has helped give me direction.

Scorpio Oil

2016/08/02 at 3:34 pm

I bought the Scorpio oil to use on my husband (who is a Scorpio) to massage his back. I just received this today and haven’t used it for that yet but had to comment on the scent. It’s truly amazing! I love natural scents (as opposed to store bought perfumes) and I am partial to patchouli so this was perfect for me too! The aromatherapy benefits are amazing…very calming and soothing. I am prone to migraines and have no issues what-so-ever with this (most likely due to the natural oils Sue uses). I have used Aveda oils in the past but will choose this hands down from now on. I often times found Aveda’s to be too overpowering and sometimes caused headaches. Sue definitely used a great blend of scents/oils in this particular oil. I will repurchase this and may even try some other scents (perhaps Aries as it is my sign). I was a bit hesitant to purchase a scented product without having the opportunity to smell it first but I’m so glad I did. Also, while it’s an oil it’s not greasy or messy. Don’t hesitate to buy if you’re on the fence about trying this one out.

Venusian Vanilla Lip Salve

Ruth Ossher 2016/03/02 at 8:44 am

My lips get very dry in winter. This salve has been incredibly effective in curing and then preventing cracked lips.

Ylang Ylang salve

Sarah McNeal 2015/07/25 at 1:12 pm

Not only does Ylang Ylang salve have a calming, pleasant scent, but it quickly relieved a patch of irritated skin that nothing else helped. I hope it will be back in stock soon.

Natural Deodorant Cream

Tracy Sudol 2015/01/04 at 6:10 pm

Decided to try this when you visited the Fishing Creek Herb Guild. Your daughter told me it was not sticky. I was skeptical but tried it anyway. I LOVE this. I am a custodian at a pharmaceutical plant. I am in all temps and I do not stink when I am sweaty. I do not have sticky armpits! The tin lasted me about about 5-6 weeks. I need more of this wonderful deodorant. Want to try the lavender. So wonderful to have this product! Thank you!!

Salve: Wise Woman

Susan Seybert 2014/11/26 at 6:04 pm

Wonderful product. Makes my skin feel soft and silly and my hands are looking younger. My cuticles are in better condition. A bonus it is a great perfume scent for this holiday season.


Drey Rod 2014/11/07 at 2:41 pm

This product works fantastically in several ways! I had a horrible skin rash for about a week and could not seem to rid myself of it until I used Sue’s Unscented Salve. Even with a small coat of this salve, my bumpy rash was gone within two days of using this salve. Not only did it remedy the rash, but it gave my skin a very smooth feel to it. I am so grateful for Sue’s Salves!

Insect Repellent Stick

Dale 2014/10/24 at 5:56 am
I’ve NEVER found a more suitable insect repellent, it has even measured up to DEET products in coastal California woodland summers. I would never travel without it.

Salve: Unscented

Naomi 2014/10/24 at 6:27 am

For the last three months, I have been depressed about my hair. I do not know if you knew that I had the healthiest hair even after 40 years of dying my jet black tresses. Well, my beauty parlor always raved about how thick and rich my hair was, and also how naturally curly. That all changed when I suddenly developed a bad scalp problem. I had psoriasis all over my scalp. Nothing I used seemed to help. I cut my hair real short and purchased bottles of special therapeutic shampoos, nothing happened, but the condition worsened. My hair stopped growing and became very itchy. Well, Your cousin Alain felt so bad for me that she suggested that I see a dermatologist and then got another brainstorm. She told me to apply Sue’s Salves to my scalp the night before I shampoo. I must report that almost immediately the condition (of Psoriasis) disappeared completely. I now have the silkiest and well-conditioned hair. I have not attempted to dye my hair since my scalp got bad, but I am almost ready to use a non-lasting dye and try to regain some color, as I do not like white discolored hair. Call it vanity, but who knows. Perhaps you can use this endorsement, as the internet refers many treatments that are quite expensive, and your salve is what did the trick.

Unscented Salve

Jamie Barreca 2016/08/02 at 3:13 pm

Another great product from Sue. I use this product in so many ways…from rashes to dry skin to my babies’ bottoms. It moisturizes, heals and protects…it’s definitely a multi-use product. I love that it is unscented and can be used on my young children. It works wonders in preventing diaper rash. It was also helpful to me when I was breastfeeding as a nipple cream. I am a repeat customer of this product and it is another item from Sue that I won’t be without.

I would also like to note that Sue provides exceptional customer service. She replies promptly to emails with questions and shipping is fast as well. Thanks for another excellent, all natural product Sue!

Tea Tree Salve

Ann 2016/04/11 at 12:30 pm

The Tea Tree Salve is the only product that solved the scaly elbows that both my husband and son have treated for years. It definitely gets a 5 star recommendation.

All Natural Bug Spray

Joyce Nuttall 2015/09/13 at 5:03 pm

I just washed a load of laundry with my Sue’s Bug Spray in the pocket of my kayaking shirt–oops. Would like you to know the whole load smells wonderful, am hoping the mosquitoes flee before me, and I’m ordering my replacement even before the dryer is done. Love the Bug Spray–keeps my little granddaughter from being bitten.

Tea Tree Salve

Morgan 2015/07/16 at 11:26 am

Purchased at Tait’s farm outside of State College on hwy 322. Only had about three weeks and we used on cuts, insect bites, and right now on a cold sore. I put the salve on as soon as I felt the tingle and knew I was going get one. So far, it’s helping with that annoying sensation and is stopping the sore from growing. I get cold sores on my nose and they are extremely embarrassing. I’ve been paying almost $20 for abreva, that is a very small tube and only works on cold sores. Your product does that and so much more!

Luscious Body Lotion

Alain Gulant 2014/11/28 at 6:32 pm

De-lish! This lotion feels great and smells amazing. Sue knows what she’s doing and cares what she puts out into the world. I’ve used salves and balms for just about everything and feel great, knowing that all of the products are fresh and natural and made with great care. Amazing products made by an amazing woman with love and attention. What’s not to like?

Salve: Lavender

Joyce 2014/10/31 at 2:02 pm

Because I walk half-marathons and am training for a marathon, my feet take a beating. At times I walk 80 or 100 miles a week, and there’s nothing like walking hills in wet shoes to goof up my feet, but Sue’s Lavender Salve fixes hot spots, rubbed skin, blisters, and sad feet. Sue’s Salve keeps me going during training and gets my feet back to sandal shape fast after an event. I love it!

Sue’s for Tattoos Salve

Susanne Hannan 2014/10/24 at 2:34 am

As a Tattoo artist I want the best results for my clients. I choose to use the safest, most natural product I can find. Sue’s for Tattoos is the only product available that is organic and completely plant based. Sue’s for Tattoos isn’t sticky or smelly-it smells like lavender! No haloing. Not goopy. Not sticky. It Doesn’t glob on. Doesn’t lift and fade color. It rubs in easily. It’s portable, potent and a little goes a long . Sue’s for Tattoos is the only product I want my clients using. I always include a tin into the cost of the tattoo to insure they use nothing else!