Scents of Self

Discover the Scent of Your Soul

Sue J Morris of Sue’s Salves will guide you to create your own personalized botanical perfume based on your birth chart. Sue J is a professional astrologer who specializes in herbalism and aromatherapy. Her company, Sue’s Salves, has been crafting herbal salves and aromatherapy products for 20 years using plants that she grows in her organic garden and essential oils that she uses to create amazing aromatherapy spritzes with her unique blend of oils.

Using your birthday, time and place to cast your astrological birth chart Sue will guide you to create your own perfume, your personal scent! Scents of Self is a pathway to self-discovery through aromatherapy.


Scents of Self is a personalized botanical perfume based on your astrological birth chart.

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The scent of your soul

Sue will guide you to create your own personalized scent, unlike any other, based on of your astrological chart. You will create a scent that is completely unique to you. By create the scent of your birth chart you are creating the scent of your soul.

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Scents of Self

Create your own botanical perfume based on your birth chart!

Scents of Self is a personalized botanical perfume based on your astrological birth chart. Sue guides you through creating your personal scent during a consultation. With 40 years of experience as a professional astrologer, along with her studies of aromatherapy, Sue developed an entirely new concept in perfumery, merging the arts of astrology, aromatherapy and perfumery to create personalized botanical perfumes using your astrological birth chart to describe your unique temperament.

Sue casts your birth chart and connects the placements of the sun, moon and rising sign, to the corresponding essential oils to create your unique scent. Every perfume is as beautiful as the individual it is designed for. Connecting perfumery notes, the birth chart and aromatherapy is how Sue has uniquely evolved her passion for plants and their planetary correspondences into something you won’t find anywhere else. Sue's enlightening approach creates an exceptional experience for people.   It is a lot of fun to experience this creative process.  

Scents of Self enhances self-expression aromatically! Aromatic plants create their fragrance from radiant solar energy, in a biorhythm set in motion by the sun, moon, and stars. When we breathe that perfume, we are breathing the breath of the celestial heavens, connecting ourselves to the cosmos.

When you wear your perfume, you are conveying your aromatic celestial self through plant energy!


Unique…Fabulous…Scents of Self is a transforming idea…

Your birth chart is a valuable tool for self-awareness. Sue will also be offering mini chart readings in addition to creating your perfume. Please send your birth information to Sue in advance if you would like to sign up for a chart reading. This will focus on your Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant, the 3 elements that we will use to create your perfume. These are key astrological indicators of our temperament and understanding our innate character helps us to better understand who we are.

Cost of perfume: $35

Cost of mini chart reading: $25 This includes your chart print out.

Please send your birth information to Sue in advance if you would like a printed copy of your chart. 

Contact Sue to send your information, schedule a full chart reading in the future or with any questions.

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