Wise Woman Salve

Wise Woman Salve


Healing and uplifting for body and spirit.

Wise Woman Salve is a plant-based healing salve crafted with the mystical essential oils of frankincense and myrrh, valued for their sacred scent, linking us to spirit. This salve offers a purifying fragrance which uplifts the mood as it heals the skin with plant-based energy.  Wise Woman salve  reminds you of sacred places, opening your senses, helping to connect body with  spirit. Wise Woman Salve also offers antimicrobial and purifying benefits while softening and protecting  your skin as you inhale divinity. Delightful to take along to your massage therapist to enhance relaxation, soothe achy muscles and calm your spirit.

The Wise Men knew the value of Frankincense and Myrrh.
Wise Women know the value of natural healing.

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WISE WOMAN SALVE I love this salve, it makes my skin feel great, feel smooth and moist. The salve is also a great healing ointment. I use it on all skin cuts and burns to promote healing.

WISE WOMAN SALVE I love this! Aroma is fantastic and the herb blend makes my skin very happy! ANNIE

WISE WOMAN SALVE I love this product! I have allergies & am sensitive to smells, but this salve is amazing. The scent is perfectly blended & the salve is both healing & moisturizing. I use a couple of dabs everyday on my pulse points & mix with organic coconut oil for an all-over body moisturizer. Wonderful! Kim

WISE WOMAN SALVE: Wonderful product. Makes my skin feel soft and silly and my hands are looking younger. My cuticles are in better condition. A a bonus it is a great perfume scent for this holiday season. Susan Seybert

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