Venusian Vanilla Lip Salve

Venusian Vanilla Lip Salve


Venusian Vanilla Lip Salve is for use on lips and other sacred places.

Venus represents beauty and sensuality and this Venusian Vanilla Lip Salve is all about beautiful lips and skin care.

Use Sue’s Salves Venusian Vanilla Lip Salve as a sensual lip cream to soothe and moisturize your dry or cracked lips keeping them soft and kissable.

This salve is especially beneficial for lips that may be dry, cracked or overly exposed to the elements.

Crafted  with freshly harvested organic comfrey, aloe vera, calendula flowers  and essential oil of vanilla in a base of olive oil. Available in 1/2 oz. tins.

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VENUSIAN VANILLA LIP SALVE My lips get very dry in winter. This salve has been incredibly effective in curing and then preventing cracked lips. Ruth Ossher

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