Unscented Salve

Unscented Salve

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All purpose healing for dry and damaged skin.

Sue’s Unscented Salve is an all purpose plant-based healing skin salve which promotes fast healing of chronic skin ailments.

Sue’s Unscented Salve is like nutrition from the outside in. Excellent for use on minor to severe burns, bruises, blisters, dry, cracked skin, cuts, inflammations, rashes, scars, and stings. Massage onto achy muscles, stiff joints, and torn ligaments for relief of pain. This is an excellent facial moisturizer. It will keep your skin looking eternally young. Use daily under your eyes, on your neck and in places where wrinkles form. It is an ideal salve for children. Even pets can have their fur treated with this salve. It is safe to use as it contains no chemicals or essential oils and soothes wounds and itchy patches.
For use when scent is unwanted.

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UNSCENTED SALVE Sues unscented salve has helped my eczema so much. I have had cracked, bleeding hands and blisters develop that NOTHING seems to help. The itch would drive me crazy and doctors told me to moisturize. That would also drive me crazy. Now as soon as I notice it starting to inflame or itch I put a little salve on it and get instant relief. It’s wonderful to get a natural solution after using many other salves, over the counter and by prescription that never worked as well as Sue’s. It’s exciting to find something that works and the price is so reasonable. Thank you! Glenda Knorr

UNSCENTED SALVE I had open heart surgery this summer and I used Sue’s Salve to help the scare heal. It began to work in the first few weeks and by fall it was much improved. This spring it is very faded and not very noticeable. Thanks Sue! Dave

UNSCENTED SALVE Like the others mention : wish I had known about this product sooner! I had a really bad cold a few years ago and developed a red spot on outside of left nostril. Tried A&D ointment, tea tree oil, plain EVOO and coconut oils, baby bottom creams: nothing would totally help. Now, after a few months use, it is healing, slowly but surely. Thanks so much for a great natural product. CarolAnne

UNSCENTED SALVE I was having an outbreak of shingles in my groin area the doctor prescribed an anti-viral drug that had severe side effects. I applied the salve and within a half hour the neuralgic pain that was radiating down my leg was gone. I also had a new cluster starting and by the next morning the new outbreak had subsided. I strongly recommend any of these products. No nasty side effects and fast results my only regret I had not tried it sooner I would have avoided a lot of pain and nasty side effects from a drug that did not work. Tommy O’Sullivan

UNSCENTED SALVE Another great product from Sue. I use this product in so many ways…from rashes to dry skin to my babies’ bottoms. It moisturizes, heals and protects…it’s definitely a multi-use product. I love that it is unscented and can be used on my young children. It works wonders in preventing diaper rash. It was also helpful to me when I was breastfeeding as a nipple cream. I am a repeat customer of this product and it is another item from Sue that I won’t be without.

I would also like to note that Sue provides exceptional customer service. She replies promptly to emails with questions and shipping is fast as well. Thanks for another excellent, all natural product Sue! Jamie Barreca

UNSCENTED SALVE This product works fantastically in several ways! I had a horrible skin rash for about a week and could not seem to rid myself of it until I used Sue’s Unscented Salve. Even with a small coat of this salve, my bumpy rash was gone within two days of using this salve. Not only did it remedy the rash, but it gave my skin a very smooth feel to it. I am so grateful for Sue’s Salves! Drey Rod

UNSCENTED SALVE For the last three months, I have been depressed about my hair. I do not know if you knew that I had the healthiest hair even after 40 years of dying my jet black tresses. Well, my beauty parlor always raved about how thick and rich my hair was, and also how naturally curly. That all changed when I suddenly developed a bad scalp problem. I had psoriasis all over my scalp. Nothing I used seemed to help. I cut my hair real short and purchased bottles of special therapeutic shampoos, nothing happened, but the condition worsened. My hair stopped growing and became very itchy. Well, Your cousin Alain felt so bad for me that she suggested that I see a dermatologist and then got another brainstorm. She told me to apply Sue’s Salves to my scalp the night before I shampoo. I must report that almost immediately the condition (of Psoriasis) disappeared completely. I now have the silkiest and well-conditioned hair. I have not attempted to dye my hair since my scalp got bad, but I am almost ready to use a non-lasting dye and try to regain some color, as I do not like white discolored hair. Call it vanity, but who knows. Perhaps you can use this endorsement, as the internet refers many treatments that are quite expensive, and your salve is what did the trick. Naomi

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