Lavender Salve

Lavender Salve

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Speeds healing, treats burns and calms the mind.

Sue’s Salves Lavender Salve is crafted with fresh, organic lavender, one of the world’s most pleasing scents and powerful medicinal plants. Blended with comfrey, aloe vera, and calendula flowers, lavender helps to speed the healing of bruises, accelerates wound healing, takes the heat out of burns, relieves muscle spasms and rapidly soothes skin rashes.  Lavender is calming to the nervous system so massage Lavender Salve into your temples to soothe migraine and tension headaches. Lavender Salve is naturally antiseptic, and is known as a first aid burn remedy. Use on sunburn, or other minor to severe skin burns. It gently aids in rejuvenating aging and damaged skin. Use daily in place of face cream, under the eyes and on areas prone to aging to keep your face young and free of premature wrinkles.

It is especially safe,  gentle and effective on diaper rash,  baby’s dry or sensitive skin and cradle cap. Use when breastfeeding to heal painful, sore nipples. This salve can help to  prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

Enjoy the pleasing  properties fresh lavender offers for body and spirit alike.

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LAVENDER SALVE We would not have gotten our kids through childhood without Sue’s Salve. So many times we were told “oh that will leave a scar”. Put Sue’s salve with lavender and sometimes unscented on and no scarring!! Just had wrist surgery and have a nice 3” scar. Plus I’m about 20 years older now so it’s time to get me some more of this magic for me to fight the signs of aging. And who wants a 3 inch centipede on their forearm. That scar has to go and I know it will! Sue

LAVENDER SALVE Because I walk half-marathons and am training for a marathon, my feet take a beating. At times I walk 80 or 100 miles a week, and there’s nothing like walking hills in wet shoes to goof up my feet, but Sue’s Lavender Salve fixes hot spots, rubbed skin, blisters, and sad feet. Sue’s Salve keeps me going during training and gets my feet back to sandal shape fast after an event. I love it! Joyce Nuttall

LAVENDER SALVE I love this salve! It goes on smoothly, feels great while I wear it, and makes my skin smile! Joyce Nuttall

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