Bug Spray

Bug Spray

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Sue’s All Natural Insect Repellent is crafted with 100% pure essential oils in an alcohol base. Why expose yourself to toxic chemicals commonly found in insect repellents when you can choose a safe and effective natural product?. Sue’s All Natural Bug Spray is designed to deter flies, mosquitoes and pesky insects naturally. Safe to use and recommended for use on children, pets and all humans who want to avoid toxins. This spray smells so good you will want to use it as a room spray.

We’re here to help you to limit your use of toxic chemicals as they are not only harmful to you but also to our environment.

Sue’s All Natural Bug Spray is crafted with a unique blend of 100% pure essential oils which naturally repel mosquitoes, flies,  ticks and other insects.  It is safe to spray on your skin and your clothes, your children and your pets.  It is also an excellent spray for white fly on your plants!
All Natural Bug Spray is highly recommended and safe for pregnant women and children. This products protects you from the dangers of germ spreading mosquitoes.
Take it on camping trips, golfing, hiking, while gardening and on the river or the beach!

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I just washed a load of laundry with my Sue’s Bug Spray in the pocket of my kayaking shirt–oops. Would like you to know the whole load smells wonderful, am hoping the mosquitoes flee before me, and I’m ordering my replacement even before the dryer is done. Love the Bug Spray–keeps my little granddaughter from being bitten. Joyce Nuttall

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