Pain Relief Salve

Pain Relief Salve

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Pain Relief Salve penetrates deeply into your skin relieving chronic pain immediately. This is the most potent blend of plants and essential oils available anywhere. Powerfully healing medicinal herbs blended with warming essential oils treats pain with remarkable results.

Crafted with a magical blend of organically grown medicinal herbs and essential oils renowned for their powerful healing benefits. Sue uses her knowledge of medical aromatherapy to blend warming, pain relieving essential oils into organically grown medicinal herbs, designed to relieve chronic pain within minutes. Use this salve if you suffer from back and neck pain, rheumatism, inflammation, arthritis, sore muscles, neuralgia, Raynauds Syndrome, and more.
This product is truly superior to anything else you’ve tried.

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CBD PAIN RELIEF SALVE Excellent Product! Recovering from rotator cuff surgery has been long and painful… until I tried Pain Relief salve. I apply before and after physical therapy, and at night for a pain free sleep. Smells wonderful, too. Pam Kelley

CBD PAIN RELIEF SALVE Had the opportunity to try this wonderful salve when I recently injured soft tissue on my right leg. This Pain Relief Salve works wonders. It removed the inflammation around my knee and reduced the pain in my leg. I would and do recommend this to all my clients. Have this on hand, you will be glad you did. Elizabeth Haley

CBD PAIN RELIEF SALVE I have used some of Sues products in the past and always loved them. I recently lifted something I shouldn’t have and had some serious lower back pain. Sue fixed me up with a jar of the pain relief salve. It worked fantastic….I have had back surgery’s in the past and have back aches a lot these days. Usual recovery time is 3 or 4 days till I can stand straight, but I was mostly pain free and up and walking around in less than an hour. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks Sue! Vince Miller

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