Luscious Body Lotion

Luscious Body Lotion

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A rich and luscious body lotion hand crafted in small batches with freshly pureed aloe vera, organic virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil and pure essential oils.

Luscious Body Lotion is designed for Intelligent Beauty! A plant-based skin care product,  Luscious Body Lotion is crafted without the use of toxic chemicals and preservatives.commonly found in commercial beauty care products. By limiting your exposure to chemicals in skin care products you reduce your exposure to toxins linked to breast cancer and reproductive disorders. Nourish your skin and save your life when choosing organic beauty care products like Luscious Body Lotion!

Why use toxic skin care products when Sue’s Salves plant-based Luscious Body Lotion is available?

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LUSCIOUS BODY LOTION De-lish! This lotion feels great and smells amazing. Sue knows what she’s doing and cares what she puts out into the world. I’ve used salves and balms for just about everything and feel great, knowing that all of the products are fresh and natural and made with great care. Amazing products made by an amazing woman with love and attention. What’s not to like? Alain Gulant

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