Himalayan Salt Spray

Himalayan Salt Spray


A healthy alternative to the salt shaker!

Rich in essential minerals and trace elements. Easy to use. Himalayan salt naturally enhances the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Trying to limit your use of the salt shaker? Do you have high blood pressure? Sue’s Himalayan Salt Spray enables the body to metabolize essential minerals and trace elements, not just sodium chloride, the “chemically cleaned” salt we know as table salt. Sodium chloride is unnatural, unwholesome and harmful to your health, your blood pressure and your heart.
Himalayan Salt is wholly natural, flavorful, and has a high energy vibration which is essential for our body. Sue’sHimalayan Salt Spray will not only flavor your food naturally but it will help you to maintain vital functions in your body. The perfect alternative to table salt.
Try it on fresh pineapple, apple slices, salads, and all vegetables. Himalayan salt enhances their flavor and sweetness.
Try it also as a natural gargle when you have a sore throat.

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