Sue's Salves has a beautiful new website

Welcome to Sue's Salves new website!

It is with the greatest of pride and joy that I invite you to visit Sue’s Salves new website. Here you will find both the familiar selection of my fine herbal skin care and aromatherapy products, as well as some wonderful new products. You will find an event page where you can view my upcoming vending and speaking events. There’s a wonderful blog page where you can read all of the articles I’ve written for The Therapeutic Thymes Magazine and other topics about what I’m up to in life, including returning to Bethel NY for the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival. It’s excited to be writing and getting published.

I love how this website unfolds, introducing you to the plants grown and used, enabling you to see how they are crafted into beautiful, nature-derived skin care products. I’ve been making salve for almost 20 years now, studying herbalism for 40. Working traditionally with medicinal plants is something I never tire of. Gardening and herbalism help me to live a better life and to share what I create to benefit others. Plant-based healing means potent, safe and natural products can be made from organic plants, grown and crafted into skin care products straight from mother earth. Herbalism is the sacred art of natural healing brought into everyday life. Working as if a conduit between earth and sky, I incorporate an understanding of the celestial influences on plant growth, enabling me to choose the most auspicious time for creating powerful healing products.

Sue’s Salves was born out of a belief that healing should take place naturally. Sue’s Salves delight and nourish the skin, and offer a welcome alternative to the chemical laden commercial skin care products on the market. Sue’s Salves are crafted with organically grown healing plants, grown by Sue in her magical medicine garden. Sue’s Salves products cause no harm to you or the environment. A commitment to the care of the body and the earth are Sue’s Salves founding principles. These products contain no toxic chemicals, no synthetic fragrance oils, no unsafe ingredients. Sue is passionate about the powerful healing benefits of plants for the skin. Rich in nutrients, the plants used in Sue’s Salves are rejuvenative and promote the healing of skin tissue naturally. They are nutrition from the outside in.

You will find Sue’s Salves to be effective on all simple to chronic skin conditions. It safely helps to soothe muscle pain, bruises, burns, cracked skin, rashes, eczema, scars, itchy insect bites, inflamed tissue, fungal problems, and many chronic, hard to heal skin conditions. Use it daily as a natural moisturizer on the face to help prevent, or care for, aging skin. Perfectly safe for babies, children and even your pets.

Sue’s Salves motto, “Crafted with the Intent to Heal” is reflected in the timing of the new website as the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars are all in the sign of Virgo, the sign most concerned with health, healing, intention , beauty care and craftsmanship. I believe this new energy best reflects the work I do as a gardener, herbalist, salve maker, small business owner and earth loving human.

I want to thank the website designing genius Joyce Nuttall, who blended a vision for Sue’s Salves with her unique talents, technical skills, generosity of time and enormous patience, creating this beautiful website for me. Thank you, my friend.

Let me know what you think, share reviews on products you love, tell your friends and enjoy the website offerings. HAVE YOU BEEN SALVED?

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